Bonnie Bailey

songs from the heart


 Bonnie Bailey began her music journey when signed to massive UK dance label Hed Kandi. She appeared on over 200 compilations worldwide, scored a UK Top 40 BILLBOARD hit with her cover of “Everywhere” which also went Top 20 in no less than 10 countries and the "Everywhere" music video went to #1 on the MTV Dance Charts. Her classic anthem “Ever After” has had over 2 million views on youtube and she maintaines a large youtube fan base following. Her  single 'THE LITTLE THINGS' made top 20 on the UK dance pop chart with over a 1/2 million views in just a few months.

Bonnie Bailey also wrote the theme song for the famous celebrity hotspot 'Millions of Milkshakes' which is used on all their major celebrity filled adverts and events.

Bonnie is known for her colorful lyrics and was asked to write the American lyric  for  famous South American Artist LUCERO's smash hit single and album titled cut INDISPENSABLE.

Bonnie Bailey has now  partnered up once again with the founder of Hed Kandi and FA records, Mark Doyle. 2016 promises a steady flow of previously unreleased tracks over the last 10 years, as well as a brand new album with the incredibly talented production team MIRIFICO.

Kicking 2016 off featuring on the Mirifico album with 3 new songs called 'Paper Lanterns' 'Some Things' and 'Coming Home'.